Checking in from Smashburger

By: Todd Archer; The Dallas Morning News

Because we aim to be a full service blog, we bring you a post tonight from Smashburger, the new restaurant that is being run by Leonard Davis and Marc Colombo in Addison.

They held a VIP event (still not sure why I was there because I’m not V or IP) and teammates like Flozell Adams, Doug Free, Cory Procter, Pat McQuistan and Kyle Kosier were on hand. The O-line sticks together, I guess.

This Smashburger, which is located on Belt Line in Addison, will officially open Wednesday at 10 a.m.

Before we get on to the review, Colombo is anxious to begin his rehab from ankle surgery. In his mind he will be back in six weeks and the Cowboys will keep a roster spot open for him in case he can come back.

About his replacement, Leonard Davis said he would move to right tackle if asked but he has not been asked.

“I’ve played it before,” said Davis, referring to 2002 in Arizona. “It’s not really anything new for me.”

But Davis threw his support behind Doug Free, who took over for Colombo Sunday.

“The one thing people don’t know about Doug is he’s a gamer,” Davis said. “He’s one of those guys that plays better in games than he does in practice. I don’t know why that is with some people, but he’s going to be fine.”

OK, enough football. Smashburger is outstanding. I went with the traditional cheeseburger and was stunned with the flavor. Really good. I don’t know football but by looking at my photo you can see I know food. I’ve been to Five Guys. I’ve been to Fat Burger. I’ve been to In ‘N Out. This is right there with all of them.

Colombo is partial to the BBQ Bacon & Cheese. Davis likes to make his own with fried egg, lettuce, tomato and pickles.

They plan on being hands-on owners, too. Another location is expected to open in the metroplex within the next year but they’re not sure where yet.

“I might be walking out serving people,” Davis laughed. “I like to be personable with the customers and the employees. It’ll take awhile but I’ll get to know all their names.”