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At Smashburger, we believe in ingredient excellence. From our smashed-to-order burgers, to our tender chicken sandwiches, signature sides and handspun shakes, you can count on fresh and high-quality food. Please take the time to view our Nutrition and Allergen Information. If you have any questions regarding a food allergy, or really anything, all you have to do is ask.

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Common Questions

Do you use All-natural ingredients?

At Smashburger, we are focused on using the best tasting and freshest ingredients. We are always looking for premium products to include on our menu. We do offer all-natural Beef.

What is your beef?

Our beef is pasture-fed and corn finished and made with 100% all-natural Beef.

Do you offer any vegetarian items at Smashburger?

Yes we do — and they are all mouthwatering! We offer a Veggie Black Bean burger, however please note that it is NOT vegan as it contains eggs and cheese. We also cook our veggie burger on the same grill as our chicken and burgers, so cross-contact may occur. We also have a number of fresh, vegetarian salad options; just order them without bacon or meat.

Do you offer any gluten–free buns?

Yes, we offer an Udi’s Gluten-Free bun option in all Smashburger restaurants across the country. We have also reformulated our burger seasoning to be gluten-free. We cannot guaranty that any food will be gluten-free because cross-contact with gluten may occur as shared equipment for menu items is used in our kitchen (for example, we use the same toaster for all of our buns). Also, please note that certain sides and toppings (such as fried pickles, haystacks, etc.) do contain gluten.

Are your fries gluten–free?

While we offer gluten-free options, our restaurants use shared equipment and surfaces in the kitchen, which means cross contact with gluten-containing foods may occur. Our restaurants do not operate in a 100% gluten-free environment when preparing gluten-free menu items. Typically we have one fryer dedicated to fries and sweet potato fries. Both the regular fries and the sweet potato fries are gluten-free as prepared. Things do occasionally happen at the restaurant, so please check with the manager at the time of ordering to ensure a dedicated fryer is being used.

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