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smashburger brush

• The Grill •

First, like a burger Picasso, we paint the flat grill top with butter.


(Thats Hot).

Unsalted, clarified butter.

Adds buttery, deliciousness

Creates a
non-stick barrier.

Buttery, rich, flavor profile.

Pasture fed & corn finished.

Fresh, never frozen.

All natural, of course.

smashburger smasher steam smashcourse burger paddy smashburger burger smasher

• The Smash •

The perfect smash is the secret. The right amount and type of meat against the perfect amount of heat, for just the right amount of time, locks in the juices.

The Smasher is shaping the perfect patty.

The Smash lasts for 10 seconds. No more, no less.

The bottom of the burger is being seared to create a crispy, caramelized shell.

The heat pushes the juices up, not out.

smashcourse arrows smashcourse arrows smashcourse arrows smashcourse arrows smashcourse burger seasoning

• The Seasoning •

The burger is then seasoned to perfection with what we like to call flavor amplifier.

Kosher salt, black pepper, garlic.

Add a bit of "proprietary magic" (It's a secret).

The juices dissolve the seasonings and pull them deep into the burger creating that distinctive Smashburger flavor.

• The Artisan Bun •

Even the bun has been expertly prepared and plays an important role in the perfect burger.

It’s cut perfectly with laser precision every time.

We butter toast with pressure.

Which creates a sealed, caramelized surface that keeps all of the juices in the burger.

• The Accessories •

Then as if that wasn't good enough, we top your burger with the freshest ingredients.

smashcourse flavor pin smashcourse flavor pin

Bon Appetit!