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October 2012

The Hamburger is a staple of the modern consumer.  Smashburger’s goal is to be culturally indispensable.  We are putting great tasting burgers back into peoples lives according to Tom Ryan.

Video: “Bloomberg Enterprise –  Smashburger”

JUNE 2013

An inside look at Smashburger and our quest to conquer the better burger world five ounces at a time.

Video: “Nightline –  Smashburger: Hottest Thing Between Two Buns”

SEPtember 2013

In an effort to make more money in the stock market, Jim Cramer says it’s necessary to talk with all kinds of companies – even those that are not publicly traded.

“If you’re going to get your head around the most cutting edge trends, you sometimes need to go off the tape and listen to what’s happening at important, privately-held companies,” Cramer explained.

Watch as CEO Dave Prokupek explains how Smashburger has capitalized on the growing demand for a premium dining experience that emphasizes fresh ingredients and innovative recipes.

Video: “CNBC –  Private company too popular for investors to ignore”