I would gladly pay you Tuesday for a Smashburger today!

By: dear world…love, toni blog


Dear World,

I love food.  I talk about food, I have a good relationship with it, it’s part of the key to my heart.  So I was extremely excited when given the opportunity to attend the sneak preview for Smashburger, the newest burger joint to open in Arlington, Texas.  There’s already a location in Dallas and I had heard great things about them.  The menu on their website looked intriguing as well–I love the concept of making menus according to their location (They have distinctive menus for Texas, Oklahoma, Arizona, etc.)  So I walked into their new location with a lot of expectations.

I wasn’t disappointed.  I ordered the BBQ Bacon and Cheese 1/3 pound Smashburger, as pictured above.  Lemme tell you.  The burger is HUGE.  I thought I knew what 1/3 pound burgers looked like before–but I was wrong.  The burger was a little messy–greasy, pieces of the meat breaking off…but usually the messy burgers are the most tasty.  The seasoning was on point.  There wasn’t an overload of toppings to make up for a small patty.  The egg bun that they used mocked every burger on the planet made with your average hamburger bun.  I was a little disappointed in the smashfries–they were shoestring fries, which I don’t care for.  Their healthier counterpart, the sweet potato smashfries, were much bigger and was more flavorful.  I would recommend going with those.


They also brought out other sides to try (keep in mind, this was all free, so I was TOTALLY doing a happy dance on the inside).  Fried pickles and veggie frites.  I’m not a fan of pickles.  BUT, these fried pickles right here?? MAN!! OFF. THE. CHAIN.  Crispy, hot, perfectly sliced with the perfect ranch dipping sauce.  The veggie frites were good too, I just wished they were a little crispier.  Oh and the portions of these sides were generous.  Definitely don’t leave you wondering where your money went.

Finally, I tried two of their milkshakes.  The chocolate shake was ok–nothing to write home about.  Seemed like it was a vanilla shake with a little chocolate sauce added.  I prefer a chocolate shake made with chocolate ice cream.  Trust me.  I know the difference.  They also have a key lime shake.  Yes, key lime.  I know.  It sounds weird.  But let me tell you, it’s the PERFECT summer shake.  It was refreshing, light and downright yummy.  I would go with that over the chocolate anyday.  They also offer vanilla and strawberry shakes as well.

All in all, I would say that this was the best burger I’ve had in a LONG time.  I since they’re in Arlington now, my burger joint of choice has been bumped to number two on my list.  The staff was extremely friendly and genuinely want you to enjoy your eating experience there.  So next time you’re in my hood stop by Smashburger in South Arlington.  You’ll be glad you did.  And bring me some fried pickles and a key lime shake to show graditude. 

Love, Toni