“I’m Having a Moment With This Burger…

…and it’s awesome”.

That was my 16-year-old cousin’s remark as she ate her first SmashBurger tonight.

Tomorrow the new Ankeny location opens and we were among the throng of invitees to the pre-opening this evening.

I’ve told you about SmashBurger before so I won’t go too deeply into how they smash the meat and sear it, sealing in the juices, then scrape it carefully from the surface before flipping to keep all the yummy crunchy bits.  Mmm…

We’ve been to the Des Moines location a few times and have had the Iowa burger, the SmashBurger, the Cobb Salad, veggie frites and SmashFries.  Tonight I had the SmashChicken and Haystack Onions while Doug had the Mushroom Swiss SmashBurger.

I’m going to let you in a a secret- I’m not a big fan of chicken unless I make it.  Or it’s breaded.  So when I say that this may be the best chicken sandwich I’ve ever had, well, that’s saying something.  And it wasn’t breaded.  Nope, it was seasoned, smashed and seared.

Now about those Haystack Onions…  Thin sliced and crispy.  They didn’t need the dipping sauce that came with them to taste good (and I used it on my chicken sandwich!).  I could have eaten a double order of these and still wanted more!

While Doug may not have “had a moment” with his burger his report is “excellent”.  Lots of melted Swiss and garlic sauteed mushrooms with a side of SmashFries (tossed in rosemary and olive oil).  He was a happy man.

While we were driving my cousin home she was texting her boyfriend and telling him that the next time he came to see her they would be going to SmashBurger.

SmashBurger Ankeny is located on S Delaware Ave across from Target (in the same area as TJ Maxx and Okaboji Grill).  Open 10am-10pm daily.  Go get smashed.

By: Iowa Geek Blog