New Mission Valley Smashburger location serves irresistibly fresh options

San Diego News Room – By Kari Luu

When it comes to burger joints in San Diego, only a few businesses can straddle the fine line between fast-food eatery and hoity-toity, overpriced burger restaurant. Competition is fierce in this city — and Smashburger, already a national phenomenon and a growing San Diego chain, is swiftly picking up momentum.

The hamburger, a culinary staple of classic American entrees, is too often aggressively slathered with unnecessary fixings that mask the true flavor of the meat itself. The phrase ”keep it simple, stupid” is easily overlooked by chefs when crafting this comfort meal. But Smashburger evades these nuisances.

The business considers its product the ‘better burger,’ serving up savory signature burgers – including special menu items designed exclusively for the locale —  or the Classic Smashburger. The classic smash contains a certified Angus beef patty, all the usual fixings ranging from cheese to pickles and a fresh egg bun: a juicy revelation and a delightful comfort meal.

smashburger1For those searching for an alternative to burgers, Smashburger has mastered its latest menu concoction, the chicken sandwich, which was introduced last month. These tasty sandwiches will give businesses like Chick-fil-A a run for their money and leave customers clamoring for more.

The chicken sandwiches are tasty, filling and crispy in every bite. The BBQ Ranch Smashchicken is a savory sandwich topped with applewood smoked bacon, haystack onions and much more while the Avocado Club Smash incorporates bacon, lettuce and tomato on a wheat bun. And best of all, the  breaded chicken never tastes soggy, retaining flavor that is consistently moist in every bite. The sandwich doesn’t fall apart halfway through and the bun compliments the meat perfectly.

The trend for restaurant-goers may be to more health conscious lately, but when choosing between a crispy and a grilled chicken sandwich, go for the fattier option. The grilled chicken tastes slightly drier and unusually thin, while the crispy chicken is full of zest and juicy flavors.

Smashburger also carries appetizing salad platters such as the Honey Mustard Chicken Smashsalad, the SmashWedge and much more.

Other Smashburger notables are delectable sides orders ranging from sweet potato fries to fried pickles served with ranch. Smashfries are a scrumptious favorite, served thinly cut and tossed with rosemary, olive oil and garlic. Smashburger’s Veggie Frites are asparagus, carrot sticks and green beans, which are then flash-fried.

Finish off the meal with a thick Haagen-Dazs milk shake or malt —the latter is even available in lime flavor.

Each burger and chicken sandwich ranches from $5 to $7, not including a side.

Smashburger faces stiff competition amongst other burger lounges, but its three locations in Del Mar, La Jolla and now Mission Valley makes it a convenient resource for a quick and delicious meal.