Newest Smashburger One Burger Short of a Colorado Dozen

By Lori Midson, Denver Westword Blog

On Saturday, June 27, Northglenn residents will come to understand why the rest of us, including Jason Sheehan, are truly, madly, deeply in lust with Smashburger,  the homegrown hamburger chain that’s multiplying faster than a calculator — here and throughout the United States.

And when Colorado’s eleventh Smashburger opens at 832 East 120th Street over the weekend, I’ll probably be there before dawn, licking my chops in anticipation of wrapping my jaws around four, maybe five stacked inches of well-seasoned Angus beef patty, smashed and flipped on the flat-top grill, topped with leafy lettuce, grilled onions, smoked bacon and tomato and shoved between a butter egg bun slathered with “smash” sauce.

If there’s not a Smashburger near you, there will be soon: New locations are skedded for downtown Denver, Aurora, Arvada, Broomfield and Boulder.