By: anitamartini’s lounge Blog

About a month ago, I picked up a copy of Minneapolis/St. Paul Magazine’s burger issue. They had several different burger categories, but Smashburger won the “Thin Burger” category and had the highest overall score.

Smashburger opened a store in Roseville in Har Mar Mall on August 19th, and because it was only a five-minute drive from our house, Tim and I thought we’d investigate. And are we ever glad we did.

We went around 4:15, and there was no line. By the time we left, the line stretched halfway through the restaurant. We ordered at the register. They gave us our beer and a number, and we found a booth to sit in. Our food was delivered a few minutes later. I took pictures to capture the moment, then we dove in and experienced meat ecstasy.

I ordered the Smashburger 1/3 Pound Burger and Smash Fries. Tim ordered the Twin Cities Smashburger and Smash Fries.

Things I love about Smashburger:

  • The burgers are delicious. I just tried to eat my monitor as I was uploading the photos. They are juicy, but not greasy. I’m not sure what’s in the smash sauce on the 1/3 pound burger, but I want more of it. The burger is a little messy, but not enough to be bothersome, and the bun is sturdy enough to make it through most of the meal. The vegetable toppings are fresh and crisp.
  • The fries are phenomenal. They are flavored with rosemary, olive oil, garlic, and herbs. I could not stop eating them even though I was slightly full from the burger.
  • The booths are long, so you can fit at least three people on each side.
  • The burgers come in 1/3 lb. and 1/2 lb. choices, depending on the amount of meat you want.
  • The prices are very reasonable ($4.99 for a burger, $1.79 for fries, and $2.99 for beer). I’ve paid much more for burgers that weren’t half as flavorful.
  • The service was friendly.
  • They serve beer, and I was very pleased to see that they had Summit represented.

Things I do not love about Smashburger:

I need to increase the amount of time I’m working out because I’m going to be stopping here often. While their milkshakes did not bring me to their yard, they looked extremely tempting.