by: Phoenix Phood Blog


The old man & I were on baby duty the other night & decided to go to a “Chain” burger joint that feels & certainly tastes like a hole in the wall type place we all love. On the SW corner of Camelback & 20th st sits SMASHBURGER!

The lil’gurl got a kids meal $3.99 which comes w/ regular fries, good size cheeseburger w/ no produce, & a small drink. More than enough food for our 3yr old princess!

The old man got the 1/3 pound SMASHBURGER w/ no cheese $4.99. He thoroughly enjoyed it & said it was one of the better burgers he had tasted in a while.

I decided to stuff myself (regretted this decision later) & ordered the 1/2 pound Classic Smashburger $5.99 w/ cheese & the Smashfries w/ olive oil, garlic, rosemary, & other herbs as they say. The fries are fantastic & the burger is very good as well. Smashburger is a fast PHood type of place, walk in, order, pick a table & sit down. Once your order is done it’s coming to your table by one of their runners. I know this is gross but some type of sewer is leaking out front or perhaps a trashcan is spilling over because it’s terribly smelly outside. Besides that major issue the experience was very enjoyable. Fast service, good PHood, decent prices for what you get, & a good location in central PHoenix.


VALUE & SERVICE: 9 out of 10.
The service was fantastic & exactly what you’d expect from a place like this. 10 times better than any other fast PHood type place but value maybe is a few bucks from being a 10 out of 10. The fries were $1.79 w/ a purchase of a sandwich & $2.79 without a sandwich purchase. Both are overly fair amounts but I found a chicken option to the sandwiches @ $7.00 a bit steep, $4.00 milkshakes, $7.00 jack in the box type salads.
Still 9 out of 10 is good for them!

COMFORT: 7 out of 10.
The smell outside alone should take this down to a 3 out of 10 but I’m going to be fair to these guys. The inside is exactly what you’d expect. Normal tables & chairs along w/ a few padded benches through out & a soda fountain for free self served refills.

VENUE & LOCATION: 9 out of 10.
Camelback & 20th st. Brand new restaurant. Nothing amazing with design or incredible construction w/ regards to the building, but then again, it’s SMASHBURGER, what did you expect?

RECOMMENDATION: If you’ve played out your “IN & OUT” card Smashburger is a solid burger alternitive. I wouldn’t go here if I was craving a salad or 5 star service but I would recommend giving it a try the next time you’re over by LAST CHANCE or the BILTMORE AREA!