by: Zaji-Kali Boyer’s Blog

Tonight, I ate at one of my favorite restaurants of all time: Smashburger. I haven’t had anything from there that hasnt been extremely delicious. Tonight I ordered the best chili dog that my mouth has ever tasted. I of course got mine with no onions or jalapenos and added mayo but it was scrumptious anyways. I have no idea what kind of bun it was on but it was just so good. I got the smashfries which are the seasoned fries and they treated me right. I used a total of 14 napkins and managed to keep my shirt clean. It was just amazing. I don’t think I will stop going there to eat anytime soon.



If you haven’t eaten there before because you weren’t sure if it was good or not; I’m recommending it to you now. There is nothing stopping you! GO, GO, Go! If you don’t have one in your city or you’re just to lazy to drive to the one 30 minutes away. I suggest you plan an over night trip. Haha, just kidding, but its not that bad of an idea. It never hurt to discover something new, especially when it a place like this. The service I have had is always quick and courteous. Love, Love, Love! Smashburger.