Smashburger, Addison, Texas


By Ellen “EJ” Sackett; Good Taste Buds Blog

Attention hamburger hounds! There’s a new quick bite in town. Smashburger just opened its first Dallas location in the north suburb of Addison on Belt Line Road. With so many places to choose from along restaurant row, it might be tough for yet another to succeed. So what makes Smashburger special?

In fact, what the heck is a Smashburger?

It starts with a ball of fresh–not-frozen–100% certified Angus beef that’s literally smashed on a buttered grill for ten seconds with a cookie-cutter-style press. This searing process locks in the juices, and then the meat patty is seasoned with Smashburger’s garlic and herb mix. Put it on a soft Artisan-style bun and add the extras to order. The end result? A five-napkin burger that tastes as good or better than homemade–ready to eat in about six minutes. How can you beat that?

There’s several variations on the Smashburger theme: the Classic, the All American, the Lonestar (developed especially for Dallas taste buds), the BBQ Bacon and Cheese, the Spicy Baja and the Mushroom Swiss. Or make your own from a combination of the menu-item ingredients.The best part? All of the ingredients are fresh, not frozen. The meat is delivered daily. The veggies aren’t pre-packaged; they’re cut on site. The seasonings and sauces are Smashburger’s proprietary recipes. This is high-quality, cooked-to-order fast food.

What’s a burger without fries? Smashfries are of the retro, shoestring style. They’re deep-fat fried in tallow and oil, mixed with rosemary, extra virgin olive oil and garlic. The Sweet Potato Smashfries are made the same way, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. There’s also the Chili, Cheese or combination Chili-Cheese Fries. Veggie Frites is a yummy, albiet greasy, fries substitute: a slightly-crunchy combination of flash-fried asparagus, carrot sticks and green beans. Another notable side is the tasty fried dill pickles served with a creamy buttermilk ranch dressing.

And what’s a burger and fries without a shake? Take your pick of a vanilla, chocolate or strawberry shake or malt with the consistency of soft-serve, blended with whole milk and Haagen-Daz ice cream. The tangy, not-too-sweet fresh lime shake was a nice surprise, and the classic root beer float could double for dessert.

Smashburger doesn’t only serve up hamburgers. The Smashburger concept works for chicken as well. Unfortunately, most chicken sandwiches take a while to cook and are often dry as a result. Smashburger solves both problems by pounding the chicken breast thin first before searing. You could mistake the Smashchicken for a healthy option, but only if you ignore the butter. Hot dog lovers have three to choose from: Classic, Chili Cheese or DFW Dog, split and made to order, dolled up how you like it and served on a toasted poppy seed bun. If you don’t eat meat, order one of three salads, but have ’em hold the bacon. Here too you can have it your way.

No Smashburgers near you? No worries. The two-year-old Denver-based chain is just getting started. Within the Dallas and Fort Worth metroplex, there’s another thirty franchises on their way, and nationwide, there’s hundreds more to come. Smashburger hasn’t sold billions and billions of hamburgers–yet. But just wait. Smashburger is well on its way. 


Belt Line Road & Dallas Parkway
4980 Belt Line Road, Addison, Texas 75254 (Order online through the Smashburger website)
(214) 884-1124
Hours: 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily