Smashburger Comes to Utah


On August 11th here in Utah, West Valley City to be exact, myself and some other folks on Twitter who are a part of a group called Team Awesome  @TASLUT were invited to be a part of a VIP grand Opening event for the new Smashburger location.

We were invited in and the owners of the establishment took us on a tour of the restaurant and showed us how they prepare the hamburgers as well as the rest of the menu. While in the kitchen they showed is how they “smash” these 100% pure Angus Beef patties on a super hot grill to sear, almost caramelize the meat to lock in the flavor and juices that the high grade meat provides.

After the tour we were informed that they were going to run through the entire menu…. and that we would be getting to taste everything. Good thing I brought an appetite that day.

They brought out rounds of food and I started out with the Classic Smashburger. From the first bite I was in love! The flavor of the meat was amazing… and come to find out they have a nickname for the meat once it is prepared here at Smashburger… “Meat Candy”! And you know what, they are right… it is Meat Candy!

They brought out many other hamburger choices, as well as salads that were delicious, and Hebrew National 100% Beef hot dogs, with my favorite dog being the Chili Cheese Dog. In addition to that they also served us milk shakes made from Haagan-Daz ice cream and while all flavors were good, I liked the Grasshopper Mint the best (although I wish it had Oreo’s in it to make it just right). But I must say I was a huge fan of the Root Beer Float made with IBC root beer… it was for sure my favorite item from the desert menu.

And for the french fry lovers out there, Smashburger has you covered. They have a standard fry that has sea salt as well as the incredible “Smashfries”! Holy freaking cow these are tasty fries as they are made with rosemary, olive oil and garlic. The flavor was outstanding!

So, just when one would think they could eat no more, the owners brought out a burger that is the creation of the owner, whom I believe they said was a flavor specialist or something. This burger was just the regular Smashburger with a fried egg and nothing else. I have never had a burger with a fried egg before, but decided that it must be tried! So while I was stuffed we split this burger 4 ways so a few of us could try it out and I will say this… it became a favorite of the table instantly! It was phenomenal, and the favorite burger of the day for me!

At the end of the meal, and we all left very happy and excited to return. I think I had meat sweats from the “meat candy” for a couple hours after from eating so much, but it was worth it!

Rating for me, based on that visit, is a 5 out of 5.

We went back to Smashburger a couple of days later to see if it would be just as outstanding… and for the most part it was. There was some confusion when ordering the fries on the menu… as one assumed there was a small (side order version) and a larger version (that was more money). However, there is just one size, and it is just cheaper to order it with a meal.

The food was very hot and the burger tasted great again!

So, be sure to go check out your closest Smashburger when you get the chance… it is quite tasty! And be sure to tell them Doc sent you. They will have no idea who I am, and may have a befuddled look on their face… so that alone will be funny enough to just do it… right?

Until next time…


PS… be sure to follow Smashburger on Twitter @Smashburger and @SmashburgerUT

PS2… The Team Awesome folks participating in this VIP event were @Saintless, @Paco_Belle, @MarciMouse, @RickGalan, @Knite20, @MichaelKreagan, @JoshsPeters, @NteeJ and myself @iGoByDoc