Smashburger Enters the Big Burger Ring

By: Jaime Winston, Salt Lake Magazine

Smashburger, a burger chain originating in Denver, brought some of its signature burgers and fries to Salt Lake offices today to celebrate two new Utah locations.

The two burger joints open this month in West Valley and Sugar House, the former opening tomorrow.

The Burger

It’s always nice to bite a burger and be able to tell it has an all-beef patty. According Smashburger’s Web site, each burger is smashed, seared and seasoned on the grill. The patty doesn’t require a beer, but still puts me in the mood for a one. Have some beer on hand if you’re getting take out. If you’re lucky enough to be ordering from one of Smashburger’s locations in Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Minnesota, Oklahoma or Texas, beer will already be on the menu.

The standard Smashburger comes with American cheese, tomato, lettuce, ketchup, pickle and smash sauce (a blend of mayo, mustard and relish). It is easy to distinguish the ingredients with each bite, letting me know it is all pretty fresh.

The burgers come in boxes, a nice break from the paper bags you get at other fast-food places. The box held up pretty well on the trip across town, and I wasn’t nervous about putting it on my desk and later finding a grease stain.

The toasted egg bun held up pretty well, keeping all of the contents in the hamburger, despite a small case of SBS (soggy bun syndrome) from the trip over.


I was actually more impressed by the Smashfries, which are bite-sized and tossed in rosemary, olive oil and garlic.

If you’re not very hungry, just get an order of Smashfries (not to be confused with their regular salted French fries). They can definitely hold their own, even without the burger. In fact, I’ll probably be at Smashburger tomorrow ordering some myself, sans burger.


2700 W. Valley Fair Mall, West Valley – Opens August 12.

1028 E. 2100 South, Sugar House – Opens August 19

Grand Opening

In honor of the Valley Fair Mall location’s grand opening, Smashburger is hosting the “Smashburger rocks” local band competition. The winner will go on to play a one hour set on Saturday, August 15. at 6 p.m. All winning band will be paid with free burgers.