Smashburger is Smashing

By: Kurt; Star 102.5

That’s just a stupid play on words…because it doesn’t do Smashburger justice…Smashburger…is…AWESOME. Easily the best burger I think I’ve ever had (with my apologies to Wagzyu burgers and Fuddruckers). (NOTE: I am not a pitchman for Smashburger, but I should be…between Smashburger and Chipotle, they would both be well represented).

You know it’s a good burger when as soon as you take a bite, you blurt out a swear word as a compliment. Man, they’re good. I might go back for lunch today.

I went with the Spicy Burger….just a 1/2 pound of beef sizzled to perfection…served with pepperjack cheese, fresh jalapenos, spicy guacamole, and red onions all on a chipotle bun. Great spicy-ness…and the Burger just oozed with juices. My mouth is seriously watering right now thinking about it. Jennifer went with the Iowa Burger…which had bleu cheese on it and some bacon. She let me have 1/4 of it…and I loved it. Their fries are unbeatable…freshly made with some Rosemary topping them. No ketchup necessary on the fries or burger…the burger is juicy enough.

You know it’s a good place, when you (me) go up and order seconds…my second visit to the cashier was for a “Chicago Hot Dog”. It was the best Chicago dog I’ve ever had outside of Chicago. I need to try the Smashbrat.

Seriously, I’m going for lunch today again. Smashburger, thank you for your deliciousness.

Where is Smashburger you ask? In that strip mall at 22nd and University in West Des Moines (the one next to LoneStar).  Apparently, they’re opening up a few more Smashburgers around Des Moines, so that’s even better news…if they put one right in the middle of Valley Junction, that’d be great.