Smashburger: Meat Candy for Strip Centers

“Houston’s first Smashburger is going into an unnamed strip center at the intersection of Main Street and Kirby Drive, right beside Reliant Center,” reports Globe St.’s Connie Gore:

[Ryan McMonagle, Smashburger’s CFO] tells that Dallas/Fort Worth and Houston each will start with two “grade A-plus locations” this year and reach eight to 10 before 2009 ends, putting the new chain on “a clear path to 30 over the next three-year period” in each city.

What’s a Smashburger?

Jason Sheehan of the Houston Press’s sister publication Denver Westword says it’s a burger joint where

the burgers are truly smashed – thrown and mashed onto the flat-top grill with a press that I at first thought was for show, then realized played an important role. When a half-pound of ground, nicely fatty Angus beef is whacked onto the hot steel, it produces a flood of meat juice that caramelizes instantly into a crispy halo of blood and fat around the edge of the burger. It’s like meat candy, the delicacy you lose when a burger is cooked on a slotted grill – the traditional cooking surface for burgers smashed by hand.

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