Smashburger opens today on Cypresswood Drive in Spring, TX

North Houston fans of the angus beef burgers that are smashed, seared, and seasoned on a grill — a.k.a. “smashburgers” — will be delighted to know that they’ll now be able to get their fix at the newest Smashburger location, opening today at 10:00 a.m. on Cypresswood Drive in Spring, TX.

The burgers — always flavorful and well seasoned, served on nice buns and topped with fresh veggies –and the “smash fries” — tossed in rosemary, olive oil, and plenty of garlic — are the national fast-casual chain’s biggest draws.

However, at yesterday’s Spring Smashburger sneak peek, I was able to taste a handful of the burger spot’s other items – new items that fall outside the realm of just burgers and fries. To say that I was pleasantly surprised is an understatement.

It’s rare for restaurants to do a good, let alone excellent job, of executing menu items that don’t seemingly fall under their areas of expertise. But Smashburger hit the ball out of the park with everything I tried:


Fried Jalapeños, 
served with buttermilk ranch dressing ($2.29)
I can tell you right now that this is going to be a *hot* new menu item. <bah dum dum!>
No seriously, these little fritters are ever so slightly battered and then fried perfectly. The amount of batter on the things is just right, as it does not over-power the Mexican green pepper’s great flavor profile. Dipping these into the accompanying dressing makes them even more sinful, in a devilishly good way. While listed in the ‘sides” section of the menu, I envision these as a wonderful “starter” for a table to share.


Regular Avocado club, with beef ($5.99)
Note that this new sandwich comes on a 100% whole wheat bun, with either beef or grilled chicken – you should probably specify which protein you want to as to avoid any confusion. This little big creation tastes just like a club sandwich – which can either be a good or a bad thing, depending on your approval level of this type of sandwich. I happen to love club sandwiches, so this one was a winner in my book.


Buffalo Chicken ($5.99)
While I’m not the type to order chicken sandwiches at a burger dig, this is the kind of sandwich that is the exception to the rule. To begin with, the fried chicken — whose batter was neither too thick nor too thin, and consistency was neither too soft nor too crunchy — was ridiculously delicious. A Tabasco-heavy buffalo sauce upped its game, while crumbled blue cheese creamed things down a bit, serving as an excellent compliment for the buffalo sauce. As with everything else, the tomatoes and lettuce topping the beautiful egg bun were fresh-as-can-be. A+ granted to this ‘wich.


Smashfries ($2.29)
You can’t get away with going to Smashburger and not having these fries. Rosemary is probably the single best herb to pair with potatoes. Garlic makes everything better. And olive oil never fails to add a nice little touch. Given that these fries are made with the latter three ingredients, there’s just no going wrong here.


Spinach & Goat Cheese Chicken Sandwich ($6.99)
This item, the last I tried, trumped everything I tried last night and possibly everything else I have ever tried at Smashburger. Okay, maybe not everything (I do, after all love their burgers, and their milkshakes can hold their own ground) but it was pretty spectacular. Never in my life had I consumed a chicken sandwich that I enjoyed so much. Surprisingly, the sandwich was made of super simple ingredients: grilled chicken, balsamic vinegar, fresh goat cheese, red onions, cucumber, tomato, and spinach. But the freshness of every ingredient was key to it success. Also key was the seasoning of the juicy chicken – it was spot-on, as was its grilling. Each ingredient added a delightful, flavor-filled texture that made me want to eat 3 more of these sandwiches – back to back. While I certainly did not do that, it will be tough deciding whether I want this or a burger during my subsequent Smash visits.


Speaking of burgers, you may have noticed that I didn’t try a classic smashburger. This was not for lack of want, but rather because I have tried them multiple times and I wanted to focus on trying the new items on the menu. Rest assured, though, their burgers have my stamp of approval. They will have yours too, as long as you understand that the patties are smashed on the grill, making for a pretty large yet flat-ish patty. If you are the close-minded type that only likes burgers whose patties are 3 inches thick…well…my heart aches for you, a little.

And with that concludes my re-cap of my delicious meal, enjoyed with excellent, smile-y, efficient service, last night – once day before showtime.

While this will be 12th Smashburger location in the metro-Houston area, it will be merely the second in North Houston. Its location will please those that commute from north to south and back home from south to north, as grabbing a dinner on the way back home will be quite convenient, with its I-45 North and Cypresswood Drive location:

225 Cypresswood Drive
Spring, TX 77373,
to be exact.