Smashburger the Ultimate Burger and Chicken Dive!

By Lauren Rosenberg; D Guides

Have you ever gotten to a point where you’re ready to fill that craving of a mouth watering temptation for a decent burger, milkshake, and salty french fries by the ocean?  Close to the Del Mar Fairgrounds, Solana Beach, and Torrey Pines lies the answer to your cravings: SmashBurger.
Prior to SmashBurger opening in Del Mar, there were no good burger joints in the surrounding area.  If you wanted something close to In-N-Out, you would have to drive to Carlsbad or Claremont Mesa.  At about twice the price of In-N-Out, SmashBurger has higher quality burgers, with more ingredients, and real ice cream shakes.  In addition to their great quality in meat, they have an assortment of chicken salads, sweet potato fries, garlic fries, haystack onions, tempura style, vegetable fritters, and fried pickles.  What a delicacy!  It is not quite fast food, but not a sit down restaurant either. rather, it is a mixture of both that produces fast service, clean amenities, and tasty meals.

Those wanting to eat healthy can easily find something on the menu.  The SmashChicken is a great choice consisting of grilled chicken on a whole-wheat bun with fresh lettuce, tomato, and onion.

Although the downtown of old Del Mar can be busy on the weekends, you can easily park at the Del Mar Plaza.  With the restaurant’s validation, you get two hours free.

Are you also an avid people watcher?  SmashBurger is located on the corner of Del Mar Plaza, a great place to people watch and see cars speed off into the distance along the 101 through old Del Mar.

After a fast, easy meal, feel free to explore the shops in the plaza, or walk down 15th street to the beach for the taste and smell of sea salt as the ocean waves crash on the sand.

For more specific information regarding SmashBurger’s other locations, and menu choices visit

Address: 1555 Camino Del Mar, Del Mar Plaza (at Paseos De Las Flores)
phone: 858-461-4105