Smashburger’s Best – Local Personalization Creates Fanatic Customer Appeal

By: Barbara Farfan; Guide

Smashburger personalized each new store in 2009, creating strong local appeal and a fanatic customer base for each one.

The grand opening of the Dayton, Ohio Smashburger featured the Buckeye Smashburger with fried pepper rings, and a contribution to the Thank You Foundation of Dayton. The Tempe, Arizona Smashburger grand opening featured an Arizona Burger with habanero cheese, and a contribution to the Sun Devil Family Charities. Minneapolis “smashies” launched a customer Twitter campaign until they successfully persuaded Smashburger’s leaders to add a Texas Smashburger concoction added to the Minnesota menu.

Smashburger’s local personalization is one of the big reasons why it is not just another fast food chain, but rather the “next generation of burger restaurants” frequented by a fanatically loyal customer base of “sizzling fans.” Smashburger earned a spot on the 2009 Best of the U.S. Retail Industry list in 2009 by showing all retailers how to successfully build a chain that has both operational consistency and a personalized uniqueness at the same time.

Smashburger proved in 2009 that personalization makes customers feel like special, and that is a strong foundation on which to build a retail chain.