Smashing the Boring Burger

By: Jo-Carolyn Goode; Houston Style Magazine

The hamburger is as American as apple pie, baseball, and hot dogs. Throughout the years these staples of American culture may have been altered with spices, rule changes, and such, but the basic ingredients and fundamentals have remained almost the same but with a little improvement. Smashburger took a traditional American favorite and made it the best tasting burger ever.

Quickly becoming America’s favorite burger destination, Smashburger excels at burger execution due to one very important thing, freshness. Fresh herbs and spices help to season atop buns that are shipped fresh daily for burgers that are not made until the customer orders. See the pattern here? There is no assembly line to make stale overcooked burgers that sit under a heat lamp all day. The Smashburger way is to capitalize on freshness to make the burger its best.

Every burger that is ordered at Smashburger smashes, sizzles, and is savored. Cooks literally smash the 100% Angus Beef on the grill so they hear it sizzling in its natural juices. Locking in the moisture makes for one mouth-watering hunk of satisfaction that the customer will definitely savor. The beautiful part of Smashburger, as if this alone were not enough, is that customers may customize their own burgers or chose to let cooks prepare one of their pre-planned burgers. After choosing from an assortment of buns, 1/3 or ½ pound of Angus beef is placed on a bun which is then dressed up with one or a variety of cheeses, sauces, dressings, and other toppings to make a burger so delicious you wanna slap your mama. Please trust me; it is that good! Oh, but you don’t eat beef? No problem, the same options are available for the most tender pieces of chicken that are grilled to sear in the flavors of the meat. Salad entrees are also available and side orders of French fries that are shoe-string cut russet potatoes seasoned with sea salt and thinly sliced onion rings served with dipping sauce. May I interject here that the onion rings are to die for!

One of the most unique things about burgers at Smashburger is the knack for details. To ensure that they are satisfying the taste of hamburger connoisseurs Smashburger has regional burgers. So in Texas the burger is made to appeal to the taste of Texans with the addition of mustard while in Idaho the burgers come with potato chips on a potato bun. In Minnesota, banking on the twin city theme, the burger has cheddar bar cheese and Swiss cheese with grilled onions and in Oklahoma burgers come with fried pickles, pepper jack cheese, haystack onions and buttermilk ranch dressing. The burgers in Utah seem a little Texan since they have honey BBQ sauce, applewood smoked bacon, cheddar cheese, and Haystack onions. In any region, however, burger customization exists.

Smashburger has another unique service not provided at most hamburger joints. The employees bring the food to the customers’ table.

Besides having great tasting burgers and warm friendly service, Smashburger also has other menu items that are quintessential American. One hundred percent Hebrew National beef hotdogs are split and seared to order and served on lightly toasted poppy seed buns. The dog may be Chicago style, with chili and cheese or the classic style with yellow mustard, ketchup and sweet relish. Smashsides in addition to the French fries and onion rings offer further enhancement of the meal. One of my favorite sides is their veggie frites. These flash fried asparagus spears, carrot sticks, and green beans are so good and they are healthy, too. Even kids enjoy eating these delectable vegetables. Tender beefy chili with beans, fresh jalapeno slices and grated cheddar cheese is another luscious smashside. Don’t leave Smashburger before trying one of their delicious milk shakes, malts, or root beer floats. Made with Haagen-Dazs ice cream and love the strawberry shake I ordered slid down my throat as smoothly as skier slaloming on a slope in mountain high Colorado.

This new franchise that is based in Colorado is just starting to sweep the nation. There are already 4 locations in Houston that are currently operating and plans for Sugarland and Humble locations are slated for opening before the end of the year.