Smashreview of a Smashburger

By: Weblog of Bill

Seems to me that the burger has burst its big beefy self back onto the scene as the hottest thing to chomp on this summer. As a burger slayer and enthusiast, I approve and encourage culinary trends like these.

The evidence of a burger renaissance has hit the Twin Cities with force (in the tum tum). I’ve been to Five Guys in Edina a couple times since they opened recently and can’t say enough about the gut busting burgers and mound of fries they toss in the bag.

However, fresh off the newstand this month is Minneapolis/St. Paul magazine’s ( burger review issue. The competition this year is as fierce as ever with burger battles taking place across multiple categories. Catching my eye this year was the first place winner, Smashburger. Their juicy masterpiece was sprawled on the cover of the magazine like a centerfold. Living mere miles away from a Smashburger location, I had to try it.

Didn’t get many pictures of the place, but it’s another restaurant that fits into the same category as a Chipotle. Not quite fast food, not quite full on sit down (slow?) food, but a medium speed counter style place.

I ordered the Twin Cities Smashburger of the half pound variety, which comes with many cheeses and topping. I guess you could say I went all out.

The burgers came and I was amped to get some sweet macro beef shots. The burger looked just like the picture in the magazine. Beautiful.

My basket looked like a warzone afterwards. Cheese, onions, and juice everywhere. Oh the humanity. I can’t say enough good things about the burger. Hit up Smashburger as soon as you can and you won’t be smashdisappointed.