Summit Up 12-12-09

By: The Summit Daily News

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that’s taking a break from all this weird publicity lately and checking out a new kind of cheeseburger. The folks over at the Dillon Smashburger gave us a sneak-taste (if there is such a thing) of their new “Colorado Menu,” which will launch officially sometime next month. One of the items is a pretty tasty thing called, oddly enough, the “Colorado Smashburger,” which is loaded with grilled green chilies and a bunch of cheese on a chipotle bun. Combine that with the Fried Green Chilies Fries and you’ve got not only a tasty meal but a good reason to hit the rec center in the morning!

Thursday night we had Smashburger’s Burger Meister Meister Burger (founder) Tom Ryan visiting, and he told us the chain is growing quick, with new stores opening all over the place — including one in one of our old haunts, Long Island.

Small world. Anyway, we like the regular Smashburger stuff pretty well, but we gave two thumbs up to the new Colorado-themed stuff. Check it out sometime next month …