TABLE TALK: Smashburger throws us a ‘Colorado’ twist

By: Teresa Farney; The Colorado Springs Gazette

When I tasted my first Smashburger burger about a year ago, I thought it was one of the best burgers I’d ever tasted. Now, they have gotten even better. That’s because of the addition of new Colorado-themed menu items.

“We’re a Colorado-based restaurant, and we wanted to create some items that were more like foods eaten in our state,” said Scott Crane, president of the company.

I tried the new Colorado Smashburger and a few of the other new items and loved them all. The featured addition to many of the dishes is very thinly sliced jalapeño peppers that have been breaded and deep fried. Not sure how the jalapeño became our state vegetable, but that’s OK. They’re delicious, not too spicy and habit forming.

Another spicy addition is the pork green chili. An order of Chili Fries — signature crispy Smashfries topped with pork green chili and melted cheese — make you never want to go back to fries prepared any other way.

These dishes are being tested in the Colorado Springs stores, and I’m guessing they will be such a hit that they will become regulars on all the stores’ menus.