The Day: A Bloomberg Burger

By Celia Gorman of The Local

Good morning locals, it’s time to break out your sunscreen. The rest of the week looks to be hot and sunny with just a few clouds here and there.

You may never have expected to see Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg in the kitchen, but he visited Fort Greene’s Smashburger Monday, as documented by his office’s Flickr photostream, and worked the grill for a few. You can also see shots of the mayor throwing toppings on a burger and sitting at a table. Where’s the photo of him taking a big, juicy bite?


In other food and beverage events, the Brooklyn Historical Society serves up beers from Brooklyn Brewery tomorrow. All City Street Art will host trivia with free beers as prizes.

And if you’re planning on getting out of town for the big holiday weekend, there’s a Video Travel Journal workshop at the Walt Whitman library tonight at 6 p.m. We’d love to see photos or videos of locals’ trips to non-local locations!