Smashburger “” Denver
The idea is simple really; take a half-pound patty of fresh Certified Angus Steak, slap it onto a hot grill and then “smash” the hell out of it to sear the meat and stop the juices from pouring out of the finished product. Offer the customer countless combinations of cheeses, veggies and condiments and their choice of a butter-toasted egg bun (for the purist), a spicy chipotle bun (for the adventurous) or the multi-grain bun (for the hippies). Call the burger something catchy like Build-A-Burger “” or better yet, Smashburger “” and wait for the phenomenon to begin. Not even a year old, Smashburger is generating attention with four stores throughout the Denver area. hosting information With the help of private equity and concept development firm Consumer Capital Partners (to the tune of $15 million), Smashburger hopes to expand to 500 restaurants in 30 markets. That kind of growth potential is, well “” smashing.