Wednesday Lunch Date With Dylan And Lambie – And It Is A Smash!

By: Cadie Connors; Mommie Knows Best Blog

Today, Dylan, his Lambie and I had our Wednesday lunch date. And it was a smash!

I admit it. I love a good hamburger. This Midwestern girl just can’t help it, and living in the Kansas City area, we know a thing or two about a good burger.

And burger eatin’ just got even better in Kansas City. Welcome Smashburger to Kansas City!

Dylan, Lambie and I jumped at the chance to eat at Smashburger when we got an invitation to attend today’s grand opening at 119th and Glenwood in Overland Park (across the street from the Sprint campus). The first time Dylan and I ate at Smashburger was just a month and a half  ago in Denver on our way to Breckenridge. It was a family affair — and when I say family affair, I mean Grandmom, Uncle Mike, Aunt Heather, nephew and nieces Ryan, Emilie and Ellie, plus of course my husband, Tim, and our three boys, Aidan, Colin and Dylan.


But now I don’t have to drive all the way to Colorado to eat at Smashburger – I just have to drive across town. Because I like a little spice in my life, I enjoyed the Baja Burger. I loved the combination of the guacamole and peppers. Dylan enjoyed a kid’s cheeseburger with fries, and shared some with Lambie. At the recommendation of my friend Chris, we tried the fried pickles with smash sauce on the side. Now, my friend Chris enjoys her food as much as I do, and once again, she had it right on the button. Delicious! To add to our dining experience, we also tried the Veggie Frites — beans and other vegetables lightly fried — a nice treat! To top it off, the good people at Smashburger gave us a sample of the chocolate and vanilla shakes. Truly, the best I’ve ever tasted. Dylan said he liked the “white” one the best (vanilla). Smashburger even serves up two special Kansas City burgers. A great menu all around.

Mommie’s Review:  Even better than I remember! Absolutely de-licious!

Dylan’s Review:  Yummy for my tummy!

Lambie’s Review:  Dylan said Lambie gives a thumb’s up. (Lambie doesn’t have thumbs, and he really is a bear, but we’ll just go along with it:)


Overall:  4 stars. Smashburger is the perfect place for the entire family to enjoy a gourmet hamburger. A much, much, much better alternative to fast food. The ordering is super easy, the place is very clean, and the service was excellent, not only in Kansas City, but at the Denver location, too.

Check out the Smashburger web site for a location near you.

The secret is in the smashing — hence, Smashburger:) They start with a third or a half pound of beef that is smashed, seared and seasoned on the grill. Smashburger also serves up Smashchicken or a signature salad for my vegetarian friends. The “smashsides” are pretty good too — Smashfries,  Haystack Onions and Haagen-Daz shakes, for example.

Now if I could only get Smashburger to open one in Lee’s Summit…:)