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The nation is losing some of its best farmland to the fertilizers and pesticides used in conventional agriculture, and Chef Rick Bayless is determined to reverse that. His passion for preserving and promoting sustainable farmland is exactly what inspired him to start his own nonprofit, the Frontera Farmer Foundation. To support this effort, we are using our platform to help raise awareness and encourage our Smashburger community members to donate.

In 2003, Chef Bayless and his wife founded the Frontera Farmer Foundation in their home city, Chicago, with a mission to support struggling Midwestern farmers. As avid members of the culinary community themselves, they understand the importance of quality local produce and its impact on the vitality of Chicago’s food scene. In eager pursuit of this biodiversity and the role it plays in organic practices, they hope to bring healthier, more natural products to the community that is accessible to everyone. Similarly, Smashburger is committed to serving high-quality ingredients and proudly uses Certified Angus Beef®, a nonprofit brand, created by farmers for farmers. Certified Angus Beef® supports sustainable ranching and is exclusively sourced from local USA family ranchers. We are thrilled to be a part of this effort to bring our farmlands closer to a more vibrant and natural future.


To date, Frontera Farmer Foundation has donated more than 2.5 million in grants to hundreds of Midwest farmers. Click here to see all donation recipients and how the donations were put to use.

“The grant we received gave us the assistance and encouragement to proceed with new opportunities on our family farm. Now hundreds of our customers can enjoy our harvests of fresh lettuce and salad greens.”

— Rink DaVee & Jenny Bonde, Shooting Star Farm, Frontera Farmer Foundation Grant Recipient

Choosy About Our Chorizo

Choosing the highest-quality chorizo was essential for this burger. Chef Rick Bayless introduced us to his good friends at V&V Supremo to ensure we’re building our Chorizo Cheeseburgers with the most authentic and best flavors.



To deliver the most authentic chorizo we sourced it from the best. V&V Supremo originated in 1960 as a family business from two Mexican immigrants striving to give Chicago immigrant communities a taste of home. Their chorizo is widely known as a true testament to Mexican-style Chorizo.

Clean Label


This Chorizo is an award winning, traditional pork Mexican-style chorizo. It is made with 100% natural pork loin, meaning no additional meat additives, and seasoned with a traditional blend of paprika, chile peppers, vinegar, plus a mix of varying herbs and spices.


V&V Supremo is a well-known and Chicago loved family brand. Founded in 1964 at the hands of two Mexican immigrants, from Michoacán, Mexico with hopes in bringing a taste of their Hispanic roots to the states. Today, they continue that dream and operate under their unwavering values to deliver quality and authentic flavors.

Who is Rick Bayless

Award-winning celebrity chef and master of his craft, Rick Bayless, has partnered with Smashburger to bring a Mexican twist to our burger lineup! The Chorizo Cheeseburger features a tasty blend of all Chef Bayless’ culinary specialties and flavor expertise.

Best known for winning Bravo’s Top Chef Masters, as well as for his own Emmy-nominated show, Mexico – One Plate at a Time, Chef Bayless has been hard at work running his five award-winning restaurants while rolling out nine cookbooks for foodies everywhere. The James Beard Award-winning chef is a master of his craft and an industry pioneer, having artfully fused modern and Mexican cuisines to create dishes loved by the masses.

Chef Bayless