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Q: Why are you called Smashburger?

A: Every burger at Smashburger starts as a fresh, never frozen ball of all-natural beef. As soon as you order, we smash that fresh ball of beef on a hot grill to sear the burger and seal in the juiciness. Next, we season it to bring out the natural flavor and put it on top of a butter-toasted artisan bun with premium toppings and sauces. The result is a juicy and delicious burger you can taste in every bite.

Q: Where can I find my closest Smashburger?

A: Easy! Check out our Store Locator.

Q: What kind of beef do you use?

A: We’re proud to say our beef is fresh, never frozen and all natural. It is pasture-fed and corn finished, so you know you’re getting the good stuff!

Q: Do you offer any vegetarian items?

A: We sure do! We offer a Black Bean burger. However, please note that it is NOT vegan, as it contains eggs and cheese. We also cook our black bean burger on the same grill as our chicken, turkey and beef, so cross-contact may occur. Our Brussels sprouts and fries are not vegetarian. All of our fried items are fried in beef tallow and are therefore not vegetarian. We have a number of fresh salad options that can be ordered without meat.

Q: Do you offer any gluten-free items?

A: Yes, we offer a gluten-free bun option in all Smashburger restaurants across the country. We have also reformulated our burger seasoning to be gluten free. We cannot guarantee 100% gluten-free product, as we use the same toaster for all our buns and some other toppings (such as fried pickles, haystacks, etc.) do contain gluten. Cross-contact may occur, as shared equipment for menu items is used in the kitchen.

Q: Where can I find nutritional info?

A: Head on over to our Nutritional Page.

Q: Do you provide allergen info?

A: We sure do. Check out our Allergen Info page.

Q: How do I sign up for SmashClub?

A: We love welcoming new SmashClub members! There are several ways you can sign up for our SmashClub. You can download our Smashburger Rewards app, visit our website at www.smashburger.com/smashclub, or sign up in-store at the front counter.

Q: What will I receive from you as a SmashClub member?

A: There are many perks of being a SmashClub member! If you are signed up for our SmashClub, you will receive a welcome offer (Triple points on your first purchase), a free side or shake on your birthday and promotions/coupons throughout the year. Hope you’ll join the club!

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