Your Smashburger Career Starts Here!

At Smashburger, our mission is to serve great tasting food, bringing the joy of eating to everyone! We take pride in serving our fresh, 100% certified Angus Beef to perfection and also take pride in our people! We are growing our brand and creating SMASHED IT! opportunities for our employees to jump start their career.

Current Career Opportunities

Cook- Our cooks are a menu expert! Our cooks receive first in class training in our namesake technique- smashing every hand-packed ball of meat on a hot seasoned grill. While the Smashburger is our staple, our menu variety includes; chicken, black bean burgers, salads and savory sides. Cooks are essential to our mission, you must have high integrity and ability to proudly deliver on our promise of a superior, great tasting burger every time with speed and excellence. And, you have fun doing it!  Cooks put the SMASHED in #SMASHEDIT!

Guest Service Expert- Our guests are our key focus! At Smashburger, we care deeply for our guests and communities. Our GSE’s are the face of our restaurants and drive a Smashing experience for our Gold Standard service. They greet and acknowledge every guest with a smile and answer all questions a guest might have on the menu. Our GSE’s also visit each table to ensure our guests are having a “SMASHED IT!” experience!

Restaurant Supervisors- Our Restaurant Supervisors are a part of our management team and responsible for maintaining the highest food quality at all times, conducting table visits to ensure each guest has a “SMASHED IT!” experience along with coaching and recognizing our employees throughout the shift. Our training is top notch and we take great pride in developing our restaurant supervisors. In a growing brand like Smashburger, we invest in our restaurant supervisors because we know they are our future restaurant managers!

Restaurant Managers- Our Restaurant Managers lead superb teams and world class restaurants! We expect our managers to create an environment of high integrity that encompasses the spirit of family and fun while driving profit sales! They ensure that every guest has a memorable experience with each and every visit. They are in charge of developing and training our team members to become future leaders while fostering a Smashburger culture within their restaurant.

Corporate Positions- Our motto is “if you don’t directly serve the guest, find someone who does and serve them.” The Support Center Team is responsible for supporting our field operations teams and ensuring they have the tools in place to run daily operations efficiently.

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