We come from hungry beginnings

It started with Smashburger’s first restaurant opening at the Glendale Ave site in Denver, Colorado - home of the Rocky Mountains. It was 2007, and we were starving for a good burger. Oh sure, there were plenty of burgers out there, but they all tasted the same – rushed. Trading savoriness for speediness. Convenience over craftsmanship. A quick experience instead of a taste experience.   

Using custom-forged burger smashers, our chefs set forth to craft the best burgers, fries, and shakes that quickly became a local sensation. Our burgers were so irresistible that we soon discovered we weren't the only ones craving a better burger – our ravenous fans couldn't get enough! And it wasn't just our burgers – even our sides were a hit. Our rosemary SmashFries® were so mouthwateringly delicious that we started receiving hate mail from customers who couldn't stop devouring them!

We are grateful for our Denver community's support, and it has been an honor to grow from our first location to serve Smashburger lovers

Fast food wasn’t our speed.

So we built our foundational values along with our burgers, ensuring that every move we make improves every bite you take. 

Be Creative: Sure, we all love a classic burger. But we get just as excited to awaken our senses with new tastes and combinations that take burgers to the next level with inspiration from around the world. 

Be a Chef: When you think like an accountant, you make a more efficient burger. When you think like a chef, flavor is the priority. So we emphasize culinary excellence in everything we do, except our taxes. Then we call the accountants. 

Be a Gracious Host: Our kitchens are open so you can see every step. And our restaurants have been redesigned to encourage you to stay a while and savor every bite. No rush. 

Be a Learner: Just because we’re the ones in the fluffy white chef hats doesn’t mean we call all the shots. We make sure to respond to customer feedback and culture by listening, learning, and cooking up what you crave.


Join the Smashburger family and start down a path of growth, success, and commitment to the best burger experience in the business!


As the quickest fast-casual concept ever to hit the 200+ restaurant milestone, we’ve continued our record growth, bringing the better burger into 7 countries, 34 states, and 240+ locations.


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