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Once you’ve enrolled, you’ll earn 10 points per $1 spent at Smashburger. Points earned will automatically accrue when you order in our app or Smashburger.com. If you’re in a restaurant, you will need to scan your app at the register or give them your phone number before checkout.

You can redeem your points for free menu items in addition to monthly exclusive deals, bonus birthday gifts, and a Free Fry after your first visit.

Once you’ve signed up, place your first order in the app, online, or in a restaurant using your reward account.  Next, we’ll add a FREE Fries reward into your Rewards Wallet within 24-48 hours.

You earn points based on how much you spend during your visit to qualifying Smashburger locations for all items excluding alcohol purchases. For each $1 you spend, you get 10 points. To receive credit for your purchase in restaurants, you must scan the QR code on your app or provide the phone number associated with your account.  When ordering on the website, you must sign-in to your account.

Points will be posted to your account upon completion of your purchase in real time. The more points you save, the bigger the reward!

You cannot earn points from orders placed with a delivery service (e.g., Uber Eats, DoorDash, Postmates, etc.) or catering orders.

Once you visit us 3 times in a calendar year, you’re promoted to Super Smasher status. As a Super Smasher you’ve got new and exclusive benefits with rewards more personalized to your preferences.

Once you achieve Super Smasher status you keep that status through the year, plus one additional year.  Your point balance does not affect your status.

Sign-in to your Rewards account here, then click “Redeem Rewards.” Click on the reward you want and checkout to place it in your account. This will be held in your account for 30 days.  This must be completed before you proceed to the ordering page.

Place your order at the restaurant, online here or via the app to use the reward towards your order. Make sure you sign-in to your account to access your rewards.

Note: Rewards for a free item do not cover modifications. For example, if you would like to add mushrooms to your Classic Smashburger Reward, you would pay for that add-on.  They also don’t include limited time menu items.

Check the reward expiration and ensure that you are signing-in with the email address that received the email notification.  That email address can be found at the bottom of the email.

If you are trying to cash in your points, you will need to do that in our marketplace exchange here before you proceed with your online order.

In-restaurant: Tell your cashier that you would like to use a reward. You can either scan your QR code from the app or provide the cashier with your phone number so they may look you up in the system and apply the reward for you.

Ordering Pickup or Delivery through smashburger.com: Click the “Order Now” button. Once you are signed in, start placing your order. If you have a qualifying reward it will appear in checkout. You must “apply” the reward to see the discount. An error will appear if your order does not meet the qualifying guidelines.

In the Smashburger App: Sign in, click the “My Rewards” section on the dashboard to view available rewards. To redeem, press the “Order Now” section on the dashboard, add items to cart and proceed to checkout. Qualifying rewards will appear in checkout, click apply to see the discount.

Our mobile app is the best way to experience the Rewards Program, but you can order, earn points and redeem points through our website or in our restaurants.

You can view everything in the app or by signing-in to your account here.

Points stay active as long as you do. Points expire after 6 consecutive months of account inactivity. If you have at least 1 visit every 6 months, your points stay in your account.  That’s plenty of time to save up for your Smash favorites.

Expiring points do not affect your status.

If you have given us permission, we will send you an email every time you earn a reward.  If you haven’t received any emails, please opt-in to emails here.

You can also view all available rewards through the app or by signing-in to your account here.

If you forget to scan, you can add points retroactively.  Make sure to retain the small slip of paper printed after your receipt. This will have a code printed on it that you can enter within the SmashRewards App or on the SmashRewards site here under the “Claim your Points” section.

The code on the receipt expires in 7 days.

You may need to update your password.  Try changing it here by entering the email or SmashRewards ID you registered with.  This can be found at the bottom of your recent emails.

For those who previously registered using Apple Sign In or Facebook, use the Smashburger ID that can be found at the bottom of your SmashRewards emails.

We no longer have Apple ID or Facebook sign in options so you will need to change the email associated with your account after you gain access to your account.

Please reach out to rewards@smashburger.com if you need further assistance.  We’re here to help!

You can update your email address by signing in with the email address currently associated with your account or your SmashRewards ID, found on the bottom of SmashRewards emails. In the menu list, click “Edit Account.”  Try changing it here.

If you had Gold or Platinum status previously, you’re now a Super Smasher.  As a Super Smasher you’ve got some new super benefits.  The rewards have changed so that we can make them more personalized to your preferences.  We’ll do our best to surprise and delight.

Yep, we changed the program for the better, making the rewards you receive more personalized to your preferences. You can learn more about the new program on the SmashRewards page.

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