Smash Delivery 

Best Burger Delivery Near Me 

When you’re in the mood for Smash but don't feel like leaving the house, work, or where ever, we’ve got you covered! With our new food delivery capabilities, it’s just as easy to order your favorite burgers as it is to eat them. Well…almost. Place your order now to get started!

Smashburger Menu

How does delivery work?

  • Order Now

    Select “Order Now”

  • Select Delivery at Smashburger

    Select "delivery" and enter your address

  • select favorite item

    Select your favorite Smash items

  • Lady relaxing Image

    Checkout and relax! (don’t forget to sign into your rewards account)

smash Delivery Benefits 

  • Smashburger wings

    In Store Pricing

    No markups! What you pay in restaurant is what you pay with our delivery service!

  • Smashrewards Phone


    Sign up for an account or log in to earn points and redeem rewards while logged in!

  • Smashburger Menu.

    Smash exclusive offers

    Redeem applicable deals and offers available through only!

Delivery at home

Or order with one of our partners

There's more than one way to deliver. Order directly from Smash or from one of our partners!



  • Can I pay in cash?

    Unfortunately no, payments must be made online.

  • There was an issue with my order. Who can I contact?

    Contact us at [email protected] and let us know! 

  • Does Smashburger have it's own drivers?

    No. We work with 3rd party delivery providers to get you your food to make things more efficient.

  • Can I get loyalty points if I forgot to sign in and ordered via

    Yes, when ordered via Smash visit us at  and fill our the missed points form! Please note: Rewards are not applicable for orders placed using our 3rd party partners.