Mango Habanero Crispy Chicken Sandwich 

When mango and habanero come together with crispy chicken, you’ll fall in love. 

mango habanero crispy chicken sandwich from smashburger

A little heat, a little sweet. 

Looking for a crispy chicken experience with as much sweet as heat? Meet the Mango Habanero Crispy Chicken Sandwich, with its blend of mango and sassy habanero. 

Made with our juicy crispy chicken sandwich and topped with a tantalizing sauce of habanero and succulent mango. Your taste buds will thank you!

Terms & Conditions

Limited time offering (“LTO”) for Mango Habanero Crispy Chicken Sandwich available from 3/12/24 to 4/23/24 at participating Smashburger® retail locations. LTO available during regular business hours in store or online through the website, Smashburger® app, or Smashburger’s third-party delivery providers. Store hours may vary. LTO menu item is made with crispy chicken breast smothered in mango habanero sauce, topped with lettuce and mayo, and on a soft sweet bun.  Protein substitutions not available with LTO.   Customer may modify LTO order by adding or removing toppings, no other modifications available.  Mango habanero sauce and soft sweet bun are only available with the LTO and may not be added to or combined with any other menu item.  Company reserves the right to withdraw or change the offer’s terms and conditions at any time, at Smashburger’s discretion, and without notice.  While supplies last.  © 2024 Smashburger IP Holder LLC.  All rights reserved.

mango habanero crispy chicken sandwich from smashburger