QSR’s Best Brands to Work For in 2023

Smashburger takes pride in its employee support, ensuring everyone feel valued both on and off the clock. Its approach to work/life balance is evident in flexible schedules, paid time off, and paid sick days. The company also prioritizes the long-term wellbeing of its employees with 401(k) match package, and Employee assistance program, and a wide variety of insurance benefits. For those working in the restaurant, added incentives include a 50% meal discount, special attire benefits, a tip share program and a referral scheme. 


Recently, Smashburger showcased its dedication to improving the work environment by reducing running basis turnover by 18.5 % and promoting 185 team members. As a testament to its efforts, manager turnover in Q2 2023 was 10% lower than the industry average. SEE FULL ARTICLE

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